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Think Restaurant, Think Hospitality Group POS

Enterprise Grade Point of Sale application that’s super intuitive and feature rich.


With few clicks administrator can access backoffice and configure store and terminal. Menu items and their prices are easily taken care there. Admin can also generate different sales and payroll reports.
It supports tax per item. It also support item price that includes tax. This can be configured for Vat/Tax sales system used in UK and European countries.
Our system makes printer setting like a cake. Add as thermal receipt printer, assign multiple kitchen printer per item using printer-groups. In case a kitchen printer is out of order it will print kitchen-chits in receipt printer. We also provide kitchen receipt template so that you can customize the receipt to any size and font with jasper ireport 4.0.1 tool.
Manager’s Facilities
Managers can get full control of cash. Voiding ticket or Deleting item will require managers approval. Managers can also see employee tips, Drawer Pull, Pay out, Split & X and Z reports in Receipt printer.
Table service
Servers can seat guests, create ticket, add items with modifiers, print guest check and take payment. Can add custom cooking instruction in ticket. Adjusting tips can be done immediately or later. Tickets can be split or paid in group.
We make complex pricing of modifiers easy with Multiplier. You can set force modifiers and maximum number of modifiers per item.
Think of our “order type” template. Its not hardcoded to one type of business. So you can create Dine In, Fast Food, Bar or any type of store in few clicks. We design our database such a way that it can handle different type products. Also you can modify code and make it exactly the way you want.
Bar tab
We redesigned our Bartab feature where you can name a tab and pre-authorize with certain amount. It also provides standee in separate floor tab.
Advanced Reports
It ships with standard set of financial reports including Sales analysis report, Sales Summary, Productivity, Hourly income, Gratuity (Tips) and card transactions. Users can connect other reporting tool and generate many more reports.
Kitchen control
We offer both kitchen printers and kitchen display options. Our system can group printers and route accordingly. Stores can use a separate terminal with touch screen kitchen display system.
It supports any Java supported tablets like Microsoft Surface 4 or Dell Venue Pro. Minimum configuration required is 16GB storage and 2GB RAM on dual core processor.
Cash terminals
It can directly connect cash drawer in each terminal. Managers can assign drawer to employee and reconcile when they leave the store. It also produce daily sales report with accounts receivable and payment details.

Fast & Intuitive
Efficient menu system
Barcode scanner

Speed up Restaurant Kitchen
Multiple Kitchen Printer Support
In-built Kitchen Display System

Multi Currency and tolerance
Bartab with pre-auth

Table Service Simplified
Modifiers & Cooking Instruction
Advances Sales Report


Hospitality Group design principle avoids crowded buttons, fancy colors and it provided full screen keyboard instead of numeric keypad based text entry. If you are using any other POS you may check if your one follows good UI design principle like us.

Take Out :: Sales Window

Dine In:: Modifier Window

Backoffice:: Printer Config

Sales:: Orders View

Kitchen::KDS Window

Reports:: Sales Summary