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Hmms hospitality marketing increase your sales

29 January 2016 by Business 753840 Views
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HMMS Hospitality Companies has a disciplined approach to growing the business with an annual marketing plan, meticulously prepared for each brand. Monthly and weekly meetings reviewing and adjusting the annual marketing plan allow an owner's investment to respond to market and economic conditions while maximizing profit. Growing your business doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. These simple, cost-effective ideas are designed to help you increase your sales and profit, without draining your budget.


Collect your thoughts for a moment or two, and set goals and deadlines. These are vital to your business success. State your goals as specific numbers. It is important to establish quantifiable campaign goals before the project begins, and monitor your results in real-time against those goals at regular intervals during, and at the end of the project. An additional benefit to using a single technology vendor is the ability to use one centralized dashboard with all of your property's sales and marketing metrics in one place, updating in real-time. This makes it easy to see if your property is meeting your intended goals at a glance, and if the goals are not being met, having all of your metrics available on a single dashboard makes it easier to identify where the shortcomings were and what action should be taken to get back on track.


An obvious way to increase sales is to boost your marketing. Quantity doesn’t necessarily mean quality, so careful planning, test-marketing and monitoring your results maximizes your sales. Conduct marketplace research to learn which messages speak to your target audience. Run ads and promotions in limited locations and check the results before spending your entire budget. Incorporate some way to monitor marketing communications, such as using coupons, electronic codes or website traffic statistics


Create and promote special packages. Packaging allows you to mask actual room rates with features, which add value to staying at your hotel. Based on our experience in hotel sales and marketing, we'll create promotions tailored to your needs across all platforms - from web and social media marketing to traditional hotel advertising channels. HMMS will even help you create specials and promotions that target your destination and audience.


Building a very good team is important as it matters in the hospitality industry. Employees should be willing to work with one another in order to achieve a better working environment and it is the duty of the managers to make sure this takes effect. Ineffective employees do not build a very successful hotel and the quality of a hotel is intimately tied to the quality of team. Success will only ever be a dream without engaged employees for it is the people who make or break the customer experience.


The more people you can get to promote your product or service, the more sales and revenues you’ll have. Look for businesses that don't compete with you but which have the same target customer and develop cross promotions. For example, if you know of an event that your prospect or customer will be celebrating, such as an anniversary or birthday, send them a card or small gift. Partner with charities to get them to promote you to their supporters. Use social media programs to build a following generated by satisfied customers.