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How to manage your hotel business successfully

29 January 2016 by Business 93638 Views
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Managing a hotel requires an innate ability to multitask and be flexible. You must be able to instantly switch gears from customer service to staff management to high-level marketing and event planning. It's your job to make sure the customers are happy and safe during their stay at the hotel, which means you're in charge of how clean the rooms are and how well the facility is maintained.


Make sure your hotel is located at a very monument or busy areas and also very easy to access as most hotels that I witness on various states in Nigeria are very far away with bad access of roads.Location is vital in all hotel business needs to be located easily by guests and convenience for them moves freely in and out of your hotel without being worried.

Define Direction

Success in the hotel industry stems from having a long-term vision for the hotel, supported by clear business goals. Short term planning which is only concerned with next year’s budget cannot be the starting point.Define Direction simplifies the strategic planning process and describes how measurable business goals can be formulated to drive performance.

Warm Reception

The front desk is your guest’s first impression of your hotel. Before the clerk begins to speak, the guest forms an opinion. Today, in this industry, the state of the front desk is horrible. The basics are barely addressed. Uniforms are a rarity. Front desk staff in polo shirts and an array of unacceptable pants, skirts or worse, too-tight jeans, is not a substitute for a well-put-together uniform. Consider name-tags. This is basic “curb appeal,” and it should be a priority. A consistent pulled-together appearance enables your guests to place confidence in your hotel and its staff representatives. The multi-cultural aspect of the hotel industry is wonderful. However, a hotel general manager should ensure that the desk staff can clearly communicate with the guests. Travelers expect language barriers in foreign travel, not domestic properties. There are plenty of frustrated travelers with stories to tell about desk clerks they could not understand, either face-to-face or on the telephone. Not only does this harm your guest appeal, it may put you at risk. If a guest needs to communicate an emergency, and the staff member cannot communicate information back, you will most certainly face an unpleasant liability.

Employees Relation

Building a very good team is important as it matters in the hospitality industry. Employees should be willing to work with one another in order to achieve a better working environment and it is the duty of the managers to make sure this takes effect. Ineffective employees do not build a very successful hotel and the quality of a hotel is intimately tied to the quality of team. Success will only ever be a dream without engaged employees for it is the people who make or break the customer experience.

Hotel Marketing and Plan

To effectively manage the hotel, you must be able to plan several months in advance for upcoming promotions and events. Bringing in new business is essential to the success of the hotel. In the summer, start planning your marketing for the city's holiday festival of lights. In the winter, start calling the event planners of the upcoming summer professional conference to try to become one of their preferred hotels. Develop a relationship with wedding planners and nearby venues, and offer an attractive package for wedding guests that includes amenities not available at other hotels, such as shuttle service to and from the wedding.

Provide Exceptional Service

Hotels achieve this critical success factor by ensuring the staff is knowledgeable, courteous and capable of resolving any conflicts that arise. Providing quality service also entails remembering the names and preferences of repeat visitors and giving advice about attractions and surroundings.

Customer Satisfaction

This has to be one of the most important areas for you to get right when running a hotel, because your customers are your survival. If they are happy, then you will be happy. Customer care is a huge topic to cover, in fact we could design an entire website dedicated to this subject alone! Which is why, we have decided to highlight the most important points about customer care in our opinion. Have a great sale not because of grate product, because of service.